Tour Dates

Dawn awakens each soul to a new day!
Infinite creatures rising up with rays,
Of the Sun, giving birth to Life's essence;
Majestic and born with Divine presence.

Solaris' Orb casts an awesome show;
Tomorrow each species rising in Glow;
The mystical Sun; Enlarged and profound;
Infinite worlds humming transcendent sound.

December 26, 2020
Duo Jon Sass - Arkady Shilkloper
Online Concert
Jon Sass, Tuba
Arkady Shilkloper, Horn
Porgy and Bess, Vienna

January 2, 2021
Jon Sass' Destiny Band 'The Call for Justice'
Online Concert
Jon Sass, Tuba
Angus Bangus Thomas, Bass
Alex Deutsch, Drums
Ola Egbowon, Vocals
Porgy and Bess, Vienna

January 8-9, 2021
Der G´wissenswurm– the unintentional end of Heimat
Inszenierung: Harald Posch
Bühne & Kostüm: Daniel Sommergruber
Musik: Jon Sass
Video: Petra Zöpnek
Autor: Ludwig Anzengruber
Dramaturgie: Hannah Lioba Egenolf
Werk X, Vienna

February 2, 2021
Isla Verde Bronces Brass Festival
Online Presentation - from 1pm to 2pm (in your local time)
Isla Verde, Argentina

February 23-25, 2021
Friedrichshafen, Germany

March 3-7, 2021
Wolfgang Puschnig's Fulsome X Tour
Concert with Wolfgang Puschnig's Fulsome X
Wolfgang Puschnig - Alto Sax, Flute
Asja Valcic - Cello
Rick Iannacone - Guitar
Jon Sass - Tuba
Reinhardt Winkler - Drums
Mar. 4 - Jazzit, Salzburg, Austria
Mar. 6 - Die Kellerei, Reutte, Austria

March 25-28, 2021
GEA Low Brass Course
Schrems, Austria

April 8-9, 2021
Jon Sass and the Fight for Justice
Concert with Electronic Musician Wolfgang Schlögl a.k.a. I-Wolf
Tube's Music
Graz, Austria

July 2-6, 2021
Scurdia tour
2.7. Friedrichshafen, Germany
5.7. Yekaterinburg, Russia
6.7. Graz, Austria t.b.c.

July 16, 2021
Wolfgang Puschnig - Saxophon, Jon Sass - Tuba, Mamadou Diabate - Balafon
Neumarkt an der Raab, Austria

August 28, 2021
Duo Jon Sass - Arkady Shilkloper
Concert, Zomer Jazz Fiets
Groningen, The Netherlands