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Creative Impulse is a platform providing high quality developmental workshops with coaching in the expressive arts such as painting, music, writing and theatre to develop creative skills. Workshop directors can apply for a period to offer workshops and to take part in creative impulse. Recognizing one's own creative voice can act as an effective means to inspire (Self - Awareness, Value, Acceptance and Discipline) for individual motivation as well as group-synergy ... revealing, the power of creativity.

Sass – WOW The energy and knowledge that Sass brings to the project are unparalleled and his deep humanity connected immediately with all participants. He made people feel respected, valued and empowered to greater creativity. It was HOT! This was an amazing event – special beyond belief!!! (Jeffery Funderburk University of Northern Iowa)

A functional connection with the local environment is integral for networking, artistic employment, building bridges for social and cultural development. Creative Impulse is located at the Kunstraumewigkeitsgasse VEREIN WELT & CO KULTURVEREIN, 1170 WIEN, THELEMANGASSE 6
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Our vision

  • > Support participants in connecting with their inner voice and to empower responsibility for their own ideas.
  • > Encourage creative thinking, which can be applied to artistic visions as well as all areas of life.
  • > Guide participants and challenge them to achieve the best possible results for a constructive journey, which can provide a lifetime of development.
  • > Improve instrumental and vocal, dance, literature reading and poetry skills with private or group study with accomplished performing teachers.
  • > Evaluate individual and group strengths/weaknesses and devise a strategy for making use of those strengths to support individual expression and a group inspired vision.
  • > Workshops will involve a presentation or performance reflecting the experience and development.
  • > Support ethnic arts and diverse visions. The expressive arts have passed the test of time for being a motivator and voice of change for mankind.
Just Music


For singers and instrumentalist who seek to develop their creativity and musical skills. Take part in creating and performing music in a group with participants who seek to expand their musical universe! The participants will be guided, inspired and challenged to achieve the best possible results for a constructive journey which can provide a lifetime of development. Progressive evaluations of individual and group strengths, making use of those strengths to support individual expression and a group inspired vision. Take part in an experience of Serious Fun! For more information, write to

Low Brass Workshops

Low Brass Workshops

"I have been giving workshops worldwide to low brass players for many years and loving it! Currently, alongside my international courses I present courses regularly since years at the GEA Akademie in Schrems Austria. There are 3 day or week long courses."
For more information, visit the GEA website or for booking a workshop send a message.

“You set a fire beneath all of my students and provided invaluable inspiration and guidance. Jon has the ability to combine practical technical advice about tuba playing, meticulous musicianship, and intriguing creative concepts and pack it all into a 48-hour blast of inspiration. You owe it to your students to get them in front of this man.” (John Manning University of Iowa)

The Corporate Groove

The Corporate Groove

“If everyone were to follow you, where would you lead them?”

One of the most valuable gifts corporate management can provide their company is a new understanding of self which serves as a profound tool to jump-start innovation, improve company health and team synergy.

Corporate teams are invited to participate in an exclusive and fun seminar showing how the use of rhythm in group playing with natural percussion instruments such as the Djembe, inspires clarity to the understandings needed for successful team building while facing the challenges of today`s ever changing world.

Corporate Groove is an adventure designed to awaken a unique perspective on the effectiveness of group creativity versus the drive for individual recognition, cooperation and acceptance versus competition and judgment, bringing a feeling of unity and healing for synchronicity with co-workers.

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