What is creative impulse?

Creative Impulse is a concept I use to create high-quality developmental workshops, keynote speaker, and instructional curriculum with coaching in the area of the expressive arts. Using creativity as a means to uncover one’s inner strengths can act as an effective means to inspire (Self- Value – Acceptance- Awareness and Discipline) to empower participants with knowledge and motivation to realize their ideas. The vision is to provide an experiential and informative context in an environment that enables the participant to react. Below are the current and recent programs available for booking.
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Fundamentally, I find in a world that sees itself becoming smaller, working with an inclusive basis, stylistically, culturally, and with expressive genres to be most healthy. The concept exists primarily because of diversity. The vision is to supports participants in connecting with their inner voice and to empower them with knowledge and motivation to realize their ideas and inspire creative thinking-which can be applied to all areas of life. Below are ventured concepts I created and realized with Creative Impulse.

RAP MOBIL – For teens both in public schools and vocational schools. I found this a perfect tool for youth to develop-self-expression, confidence, communications skills, self-expression, and creative skills (Jugend Am Werk)

JUST MUSIC – Serious Music lovers come together 3-5 days to develop their musical skills, ideas, instrumental and vocal song writing and ensemble playing (GEA Akademie-3x yearly and Vienna group)

IF EVERYONE WERE TO FOLLOW YOU, WHERE WOULD YOU LEAD THEM? AN AFRICAN AMERICAN IN VIENNA - This is an interactive motivational presentation sharing areas of my life journey (University of Wisconsin)

TEACHERS TRAINING - LEHRFORTBILDUNG FOR MUSIC AND THE ARTS - Pending on the areas needed, a curriculum or program can be developed to achieve different objectives.

CORPORATE GROOVE - Team Building for companies and institutional groups (Innovations Congress Villach Austria and Zukunfts Initiative - Klagenfurt )

SASSY THE TUBA - Multi media theatre production for children. 6 person production team. (Moers Jazz Fest, Frankurt Jazz Fest, Konzerthaus Wien, Diverse Tours for Family and School Concerts)

CREATIVITY SCHOOL - Buch, DVD, Play-along CD. An ensemble workshop (TMV Records)

JON SASS BASSLINE BOOK - Based on Sassified CD (Editions BIM)

SASSIFIED LIVE - Multi media solo program with visual artist and electronics artist (Porgy and Bess Vienna)

CREATIVE IMPULSE UNIVERSITY TOUR the USA - Creative Impulse for instrumentalists, (Univ Minn, Wisconsin, New England Conserv, Univ Iowa and Northern Iowa)



"I have been giving workshops worldwide to low brass players for many years and loving it! Currently, alongside my international courses I present courses regularly since years at the GEA Akademie in Schrems Austria. There are 3 day or week long courses."
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“You set a fire beneath all of my students and provided invaluable inspiration and guidance. Jon has the ability to combine practical technical advice about tuba playing, meticulous musicianship, and intriguing creative concepts and pack it all into a 48-hour blast of inspiration. You owe it to your students to get them in front of this man.” (John Manning University of Iowa)



For singers and instrumentalist who seek to develop their creativity and musical skills.

Take part in creating and performing music in a group with participants who seek to expand their musical universe! The participants will be guided, inspired and challenged to achieve the best possible results for a constructive journey which can provide a lifetime of development. Progressive evaluations of individual and group strengths, making use of those strengths to support individual expression and a group inspired vision. Take part in an experience of Serious Fun!

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